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If you are looking for a top rated knife sharpening service, you've came to the right place! You know the value of a properly sharpened knife and can appreciate the performance a well honed knife edge will bring to your life. 
     "It's just a knife isn't it?" No, a knife is a tool and should be treated as such.  The knife was one of man's first inventions. Created over two million years ago, the first knives were made from sharpened bone and rock such as flint or obsidian. Over time new materials have been used as knife making has evolved. Coppeamic have all been used succession in an attempt to have a sharper stronger blade. Knives have been used in war, as weapons, as utensils, in sporting events, as tools and in spiritual / religious ways. A professionally sharpened knife that is sharpened by hand will have less metal removed from the blade. The razor sharp edge will be properly formed which will increase the knife sharpness and help the razor edge to last longer.  A properly serviced knife, just like an automobile, will last longer if taken care of. Having your knives sharpened every month to every three or four months is advised depending on use. 
        "So how do you sharpen knives?" First off, my knife sharpening service isn't a large shop that has college students sharpening your kitchen knives and other cutlery for part time extra cash. I am the only knife sharpener that will sharpen your blades. I have several sharpening machines and tools that are used for obtaining the perfect edge on your knives. "I heard Japanese waterstone sharpening was the best way to sharpen a knife?" While Japanese whetstones have become popular and will sharpen a blade very well, everything has it's place. Learning how to sharpen a knife is an art. I use everything from belt sanding machines and knife grinders, to Japanese waterstones and Arkansas oil stones, diamond and ceramics sharpening stones, to diamond lapping films and sprays, balsa wood and leather strops. I even use files, pliers and hammers if needed to get the job done. Part of properly sharpening a knife is to know what to sharpen it with.
       "So why should I choose your sharpening service over the local knife sharpener?" At Maloon's Knife Sharpening Service we have a simple principle that our customer service is based on-"treat others how you want to be treated". After our mobile knife sharpening service picks your knives up and sharpens them, I bring them back to you for inspection. I ask my customers to test the knife sharpness by cutting something to ensure that they are totally satisfied with their results. If they are not happy there will be no charge for the knife sharpening. I offer a free mobile knife sharpening service by appointment. I never did like how pizza places started adding an extra fee for delivery. Some around the Bay Area even add an extra charge as a tip for the drivers too. Seems kind of backwards. My knife sharpening prices offer a better value for your money. I have three types of knife edges that I offer to customers. The first is a machine sharpened edge which is what 95% of other sharpening services offer. Its quick and what most people think of as being sharp. I charge a flat fee per blade of $3 where most charge $5 or more. The next two edges are both sharpened by hand. The standard hand sharpening is honed at factory sharpened angles to preserve knife steel. It is given a toothy knife edge that relates more felt control to the chef or home cook when slicing vegetables or meat. The premium sharpening service truly is a razor's edge and is shave ready. This hand sharpened edge is honed to the finest level and is the same edge that i put on straight razors. It takes time, skill and precision to achieve this level of knife sharpening and very few can match it. More information for services and knife sharpening can be found on
    "That sounds great but I live in a different state!"  Having your knives sharpened can still be done with only a little effort on your side. Maloon's Knife Sharpening offers a Mail Order Knife Sharpening Service. All orders are sent back the next business via U.S.P.S. priority 2-day mail. This is the fastest turn around time possible. Our website has been streamlined to provide our customers with the best experience. Simply click the "prices" tab on the left hand side of the homepage. Select which sharpening service you would like and check out securely through PayPal. Pay your balance online and send your knives into our mail-in knife sharpening service.

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