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Maloon's Knife Sharpening Service - Knives sharpened by hand - A perfect edge every time
    "IT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS SHARPENED BY A LASER!!" -                             John from Modesto California
Mail order Knife Sharpening is very easy to do. Having the advantage to send your knives in to our Mail-in Knife Sharpening Service provides our customers with a reliable knife sharpening service that knows what they're doing. This Mail in service uses U.S.P.S. 2-3 day priority return shipping for knives that we receive in the mail. This added benefit isn't common with other Mail-In Knife Sharpening Services. We believe our customers deserve the fastest turn around time for their Mail-in Knife Sharpening  needs. Below are simple instructions on how to mail your knives in to Maloon's Knife Sharpening Service for sharpening. If you have questions that are still not answered about how Mail-in Knife Sharpening works, please contact us and you will get a speedy response as soon as possible! How ever you would like to call it; Mail-In Knife Sharpening, Mail Order Knife Sharpening or Knife Sharpening by Mail, this sharpening service is the best option for customers across the United States. 
Mail To:
Maloon's Knife Sharpening Service
3220 W. Monte Vista ave #327
Turlock Ca.
Where do I pay?? (Above Tab "PRICES/PAY HERE")
All credit cards accepted
*Personal checks, money orders, credit cards, and cash accepted In person or with prior arrangement-thank you
      -Mail-in Knife Sharpening Mailing Instructions-
1.-Go to the "Pay Here" tab
      examples-This is a basic Paypal transaction walk-thru*
2.-Select the appropriate items to be sharpened -
      example-Basic knife sharpening by mail - Some kitchen knives/"I just want them sharpened" and one pair of kitchen scissors.
3.-Add items to be sharpened to your cart
      example- select the BASIC Knife Sharpening by Mail and "add to cart". 
   When your personal shopping cart page appears, change the quantity from "1" to how many knives are to be sharpened such as "10". Next select the"continue shopping" box and scroll down to your next item kitchen shears and"add to cart".
4.Check out and pay
       example- You've added all items to be sharpened to your shopping cart. Next enter your zip code under the item total line. There will be no taxes added for the Mail Order knife
sharpening service and a return shipping charge of just $10.00. Select "check out"
-Two ways to pay
                       *NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS NEEDED TO PAY
     If you are a Paypal user and have an account you are able to pay with that account. Below that option is the link to "pay with debit or credit card". Enter your information and your transaction is completed!
5.-Bring secured Mail in Knife Sharpening items to shipping office of your choice and ship
The post office has free priority boxes inside .Just grab one box, return to vehicle, secure knives so no movement occurs, fill out the shipping label and give it to your postmaster to ship.
Please Include the following with your Mail-in Knife Sharpening items:
Your complete contact information: (Name/company name, address, phone number,website, email address)
It saves you more money to gather multiple items and ship them in all together!
Shipping option-Never leave your home-                                 
Order your FREE priority flat rate box . If it fits it ships!
Print your Shipping Label and pay your postage online
Finally Schedule A Pick Up that works for you and you are done!

  1. Roll Mail-in knives diagonally from corner in a sheet of newspaper. 2. Fold excess paper over tip and handle. Secure both ends with tape or rubber band. 3. Place knives in proper box package . 4. Add additional packaging (foam, crumbled newspaper etc.) so that you cannot hear or feel knives shift in the package when closed. 5.Tape securely and send in to our Mail-in Knife Sharpening Services at above address!
Custom Katana
Maloon's Mail-in Knife Sharpening Service is not liable for lost or damaged shipments. By sending your knives to Maloon's Knife Sharpening Service by mail, the customer accepts all liability that might occur.  All KNIVES SHARPENED BY MALOON'S KNIFE SHARPENING SERVICE WILL BE EXTREMELY SHARP!

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Mail Order knives will be sharpened the same day/ next business day received and shipped out as soon as possible,  2-3 day priority mail!
                  Thank you for your knife sharpening        Business!

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