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Shun Knife Sharpening ServicesMiyabi Knives sharpened by our Local Knife Sharpening Service

Finally you can have your
personal and professional knives and kitchen
cutlery sharpened correctly the first time, with little to no effort on your side. This knife sharpening service website has been streamlined to provide our customers with the easiest and most convenient mobile knife sharpening service and quality mail-in knife sharpening service. Pay for services under Pay Here Tab and ship or call me directly under contact us.
          Knives were one of the first tools that we as Humans made and used. The basic design, shape and materials have changed over the years but one common principle has remained- Your knife must be sharpened in order to work. A dull knife will not preform in its cutting tasks as it should. Not only is the knife user more likely to injure themselves, but the added effort needed while cutting will fatigue the knife user much more quickly.

 Major Chip Removal (add'l Cost)
                                                                      "So how is a Knife  Sharpened then?" 
      There are several ways to sharpen your knife. The main ideal is that you must remove steel from one side of the knife then repeat on the other. When sharpening both sides of the blade, eventually the apex of the knife edge is reached and a Burr is formed. The formation of a Burr is the main objective for any knife sharpener, either a professional knife sharpening service or a home cook that needs their kitchen knives sharpened. Once this step is reached in the blade sharpening process, then the edge refinement can begin. Or, you can simply click the Prices/Pay Here tab located on the top left of this page and our quick mail order service will sharpen your knives for you!
Beautican shear sharpening servicesRazor sharp edge on classic bowie knife sent in by a Mail-in Knife Sharpening customer
                        "Can I just sharpen my knife myself?"
  Yes! You can definitely  try to sharpen your knives at home. There are many Knife Sharpening machines out there designed to sharpen your blades. The problem with these sharpening machines is that after a few months they quit apexing your knife edges while sharpening and the abrasives used either clog or wear away. What this knife sharpening service uses and recommends to the sharpening do-it-yourselfer is to buy some quality knife sharpening stones. Knife Sharpening technique takes time and practice to develop this art. Sharpen your knives slowly because you could damage your knives quickly. 
Try to practice your knife sharpening on some cheap knives first before you move on to to your expensive kitchen knives to sharpen.


     "I tried to sharpen my blades and I just can't get an edge on it, I've never been able to.."
       I hear this a lot from our knife sharpening service customers. Its OK! There are plenty of jobs that are better left to a professional that knows their craft. Our Knife Sharpening Services provide customers with a great experience at very reasonable rates. Extra effort is applied beyond other typical knife sharpeners in making sure our sharpening service customers are satisfied completely. Everything from offering free minor knife tip and chip repair to our free mobile knife sharpening service makes Maloon's Knife Sharpening stand out against our blade sharpening competitors. 

Maloon's Knife Sharpening Service by Mail Order just got easier! To have your Hunting Knives, Fishing Knives, Kitchen Knives, Tactical knives, Custom Knives, Japanese Knives, Cutlery, Pocket Knives or any other blade sharpened, please use the Knife Sharpening by Mail for the best mail-order sharpening service in the United States. Usual knife sharpening turn around is same day/next day service. Holidays and other such circumstances may delay return mail until the next available open U.S.P.S. shipping day

  Knife Sharpening Service Reviews:
           "All of the blades are razor sharp and we couldn't be happier with the service and the pricing" -T.S. 
                                     Alameda California
MKSS sharpens your blades and other items with detail and care! Payments are processed securely, directly through paypal and your personal credit card information is not sent or stored by MKSS. 
                   *RETURN 2-DAY PRIORITY SHIPPING* 
                                    JUST $10

mercer knives sharpened and ready to go!
 Maloon's Knife Sharpening Service tries to make everything as easy as possible. Customer service and satisfaction is  a top priority. We know  you'll be happy working with us over other knife sharpening services. Look around our knife sharpening service website and you will see complete instructions on how to mail in your knives for a professional knife sharpening experience, payment options and  different blade edge sharpening options. 
benchmade knife sharpening serviceMail in sharpening service tactical knifeBone handled hunting knife sharpened by our sharpenercustom knife sharpening service
Custom Katana

Knives, straight razors (dovo etc), pepper spray, kitchen cutlery, first aid supplies, survival gear, shooting supplies, Leupold rifle scopes, survival / emergency / camping food, Knife Sharpening supplies, Japanese waterstones / whetstones, Diamond / oil stones, hunting and other general outdoors related products will be available for sale.
 Mail Order Knife Sharpening Service                             Contact Us!   
SOG KIKU folders Premium Knife Sharpening Service razor sharp edgesmail order knife sharpening customer knife sleeves 
For the sharpest blade edges on your knives, send your blades in for the premium knife sharpening service done by hand. All knives will receive personal attention, including kitchen knives and cutlery, folding blades / pocket knives, fixed blade and hunting / survival knives. A Custom knife sharpener services, Kitchen knife sharpening, and sharpening service for  Japanese knives (Shun, Miyabi, Mac, Cutco) sharpened by hand.  A LOCAL knife sharpening service  that can deliver the sharpest knife in the world to your doorstep. Scary Sharp, Shaving Sharp and Wicked Edge  sharp all mean the same...that you have an Elite Edge, the sharpest your knife steel can become and very few Knife Sharpening Services can achieve! If you have any questions about how our Local Mobile Knife Sharpening Service works or live in a different city and want a quality Mail Order Knife Sharpening, please contact us for information on how to Mail-in your knives for sharpening. 
 Thank you for choosing Maloon's Knife Sharpening Service for your knife sharpening needs.
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