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Maloon's Knife Sharpening Service - Knives sharpened by hand - A perfect edge every time

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 I specialize in hand sharpening knives to a razor's edge. I focus on refining the knife edge through the use of numerous sharpening steps to produce a "shave ready" near mirror finish the correct way. While I enjoy knife sharpening by hand, I still provide customers with different blade edge options to suit their needs. Our Mail-In Knife Sharpening Service receives knives from customers all over the United States. We are a top rated knife sharpening service that is focused on quality and customer satisfaction. 

Please select one of the following links to learn more about our knife sharpening services and/or  to order knife sharpening services. Your business is important to us! If you have questions, or need help, please contact us                                                    

                                    Knife Sharpening Service 

* We have temporarily discontinued our local Mobile Sharpening Services due to the high amount of knives that are now being received through our Mail In Sharpening Service. Also, all contact will now be handled through this website and email. Your business is always welcomed and appreciated. Thank you




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